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Get ready to have your marketing tech needs taken care of

You are a beyond-busy entrepreneur trying to be everyone in your business.  You've been spending a lot of time doing things that aren't your passion nor are suited to your unique skill set. You’ve struggled to keep up with all the moving pieces and you're starting to feel like things are falling apart. Or even worse, you've not even started to scale your business because you're too overwhelmed with all the different bits of tech involved with an online business.

Basically, you have way too much on your plate and could probably use a helping hand.


well You don’t have to do it alone. 

We'll be your cheerleader, your BFF, the push you need to 'get sh*t done' and the person to pull you back from disaster.  


Who we are

A marketer originally from New Zealand who has made Australia home, Kim absolutely loves to help online businesses reach their potential through the help of her team from around the world.


Kim is a superstar. I've now worked with her for over 12 months on an ongoing project and her work has been fast, accurate and high quality. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you need help with your digital marketing backend, through apps like Active Campaign, then don't muck around with pretenders...get the real deal in Kim.

—  Greg Layton,


What we do

We are your cheerleader, your BFF, the push you need to 'get shit done' and the person to pull you back from disaster. We bring all the little pieces of marketing technology together to help you scale your business and realise your vision. 


Kim has been an amazing asset to my business, with her excellent technical skills, incredibly high standard of work, and regular communication throughout projects.

What makes Kim special is her breadth of marketing knowledge and experience that allows her to see the pitfalls in how I think something should be set up. She often comes up with a much better strategy and integration process than I had planned.

She is incredibly knowledgeable about all the digital marketing platforms my clients and I use to run and manage online campaigns.

Kim is proactive and thorough, and I highly recommend her.

—  Kirsty Saint,


What people say

We don't like to toot our own horn but people do seem to love us... just a little.